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Meg Mac

Friday February 2nd 2024 Taronga Zoo Twilight Series


As 2023 drew to a close, Meg Mac aptly supported Sam Smith across Australasia in large sold out arenas so it was heralded with much joy when Meg Mac announced that she would be performing a smaller intimate one off show for 2024 in her home town of Sydney.


Meg told the crowd “I’m rusty. I haven’t played a show since last year”, but you would never have known. A return to the Twilight @ Taronga Zoo stage having played there 3 years ago. “The last time I played here it was at the height of the pandemic. I did not play another show for 2 years after that. I’m from Sydney so this is my home town. I am so happy to be back”


Meg Mac’s vocals are simply stunning. There is no-one finer in Sydney town. She is our local treasure. A simple no fanfare stage set with a central 5 stair raised platform contrasted with the sheer magnificence of the zoo garden surroundings & Sydney’s glittering night sky with the majestic Opera House & Harbour Bridge shining brightly in the distance. We live in a beautiful city.


Meg’s band for tonight’s show consists of Harry on keys, Olly on guitars, Miles on drums & Danny (Danielle) on backing vocals. Meg told the crowd “ Some of you might have noticed that my little sister Hannah is not here tonight. She has a gig in Brisbane tonight in the show Rent but Danny and I have been singing for more than 10 years together now so I am going to walk up my little staircase, sit down and sing Don’t You Cry and look into her eyes instead”


Tonight’s show has more of a storytellers feel to it. A no pressure show with a loose structure & ample banter from Meg between songs, recanting stories about the essence & meanings of songs, where she wrote the songs & personal stories connected to her journey as a songwriter.


From the self-entitled 2014 Meg Mac EP, Roll up your sleeves through to the latest LP Matter of Time tonight’s wonderful set list includes Grace Gold, Low Blows, Brooklyn Apartment, Ride it (from the album Low Blows), Give me my name back, Something tells me (from the album Hope) Letter, Is it worth being sad, Something in the water (from the album Matter of Time) amongst others and a cover from one of her 3 Like a version JJJ appearances for good measure


Meg Mac’s magic is that she allows her music to breathe. Space is such a critical element when you possess such a magnificent voice. Her band allow her vocals to take centre stage and minimal accompaniment ensures that she is not overpowered by excessive percussion or long winded guitar or key solos. Danny’s backing vocals are subtle also.


Brooklyn Apartment is performed by Meg solo on a keyboard that is wheeled in while the band members leave their stations & stand side of stage to watch. This is the highlight of the show. Rebecca (Meg’s singing teacher who is in the crowd tonight would be so proud). Meg’s delivery is perfection and it is clear to see that Meg has become the consummate performer.  


By contrast the band returns and a crowd clapping participation to “Never Be” ensures that everyone is going to go home satisfied with the depth & variation in the song choices tonight.  


An impromptu encore of “Something Tells Me” rounds out a wonderful night after a round of front of stage autograph signing for those that bought along their albums. The concert series for 2024 has had a great start. It will be quite some time before Meg plays live again as she now concentrates on writing new songs and the embryonic seeds of Album Number 4 get sown. Tonight has been such a privilege. A big thank you to Andrew & Jack for giving access to this show.    


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