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Neil Finn

Sydney Opera House

Thursday 31st May, 2018

Neil Finn and his 12 disciples lit up the inside of the Opera House as part of the annual Sydney Vivid Festival last night in the sold out Joan Sutherland Theatre. This night was a rare opportunity for Neil to play his new album “Out of Silence” with a full orchestra from start to finish and was only the 3rd time that this show had been performed.

Seeing Neil Finn perform these days is a joyous family affair, with his wife Sharon on backing vocals and sons Liam and Elroy playing guitars and drums and sharing these duties throughout the night.

Neil Finn has assembled quite the entourage for this tour having 12 backing singers (2 rows of six singers) as his personal choir and a full orchestra to compliment his exceptional piano playing skills.

Watching this show, I cannot help but admire Neil Finn’s humility, for he is a performer that is all about championing those around him. A classic concert such as this night is a medium for Neil to shine brightly with those that he cares about most. Namely his wife and 2 sons, Liam and Elroy and every opportunity for them to shine has been bought to fruition.

Neil proudly announces that a new album of songs written and performed with Liam is about to “see the light of day” and Liam takes the lead vocal for 3 songs from this new record during the night. Sharon is also bought from behind the choir to play guitar for a couple of songs as well. It is clearly apparent how proud Neil is of his immediate musical family.

Shane Nicholson is one of the backing singers for tonight’s performance and to have such a talented musician in amongst Neil’s personal choir is a real coup. This night is all about Neil Finn, his current friends and a “whole lot of new friends” as he puts it, referring to and gesturing towards the orchestra.

A few songs from “Dizzy Heights” and some perennial crowd favourites including "Don’t Dream it’s over” and “Message to my girl” round out a perfect evening of song and entertainment.

Neil Finn is simply a creative genius and such a humble person to boot.

What a joy this night has been.

Adrian Alders

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