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St Jerome's Laneway Festival - Faces

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Sydney College of Arts, Rozelle

Sunday 7th February 2016

It was time again to reconvene in celebration of the iconic annual Laneway Festival in Sydney, on Sunday 7th February 2016. Eleven years on, supporters of this incredible institution embraced the vast diversity of quality indie music, profiled perfectly for our pleasure.

Blessed be Laneway forefathers Jerome Borazio and Danny Rogers for the decidedly insightful vision first realized in Caledonian Lane Melbourne in 2005. I take my hat off to the both of you. By gosh, I’ll throw in a little curtsey or two as well.

The lineup was stellar in its entirety this year. The hugely anticipated day masterfully covered everything from Glaswegian pop in the form of Chvrches, to proper rap anthems hailing from the U.S compliments of Goldlink, to pretty potent Punk/Noise Rock straight out of Canada via super loud Metz, to world class multi instrumentalists by way of our very own talented lads Hermitude; and quite seriously, everything else in between. I do really mean everything else, rest assured Laneway promoters do forever manage to secure a melting pot upon a melting pot upon another melting pot of artistry -truly a massive molten melting pot of exemplary music to serve and satisfy both the lovers and eager explorers.

However outstanding a class of performers on a whole for 2016, a few in particular left a mark for us at LiveMusic.Sydney, which we’ll endeavor to highlight over the coming days.

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