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The Dead Daisies

"Secret Location Event"

Fraser Motorcycles Showroom, Concord Sunday 11th October 2015

Those fans who were lucky enough to win tickets to The Dead Daisies “Secret Location Event” last Sunday afternoon witnessed and experienced more than they ever could have imagined!

The “event” was held at the premises of Fraser Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Sydney showroom in Concord. Pistonhead Kustom Lager, SouthTrade Patron Tequila and Beach Burrito Company were also sponsors of this one-off event and provided all the food and drinks. Fraser’s themselves donated a Harley Davidson “Street 500” motorcycle, customized with The Dead Daisies skull logo and title of the band’s new CD “Revolucion” which was raffled, with all proceeds going to the Cancer Council NSW.

The “event” started at 2pm. After our names were checked off on the guest list each person was issued with a Pistonhead lanyard so security would know who was meant to be there. Upon entering the showroom we were all offered food and drinks by the generous sponsors, a fabulous way to start the proceedings! After the food service finished it was time for the main event that we’d all come for, to see the Dead Daisies perform.

This was the first visit to Australia for the band’s new lead vocalist John Corabi. In March of this year John joined the band, replacing Jon Stevens, for the history making tour of Cuba. The other band members are Marco Mendoza on bass, Dizzy Reed on keyboards, David Lowy on guitar and Brian Tichy on drums. The band’s lead guitarist Richard Fortus could not make the Australian leg of the bands World Tour as just before the band was due to leave the US for Australia he crashed his motorcycle and sustained many injuries which required further treatment and time to heal. Taking his place for the Australian tour was David Leslie, guitarist for the Australian band “Baby Animals”. Richard should be ready to rejoin the band for the next leg of the tour in the US.

The band walked onto the stage to the cheers and applause of all present and welcomed and thanked us all for coming. The show started with a track off the new album ‘Midnight Moses’. The crowd were loving the performance many singing along. A lot of songs from “Revolucion” were performed; ‘Evil’ was next, followed by ‘Mexico’ and then by the Jimmy Barnes penned ‘Empty Heart’. Others off the new CD were ‘With You and I’ and ‘Devil out of Time’. They also played the first single off the first album ‘Lock ‘n’ Load’.

Added to the list of original songs were classic 70’s and 80’s songs, such as ‘Helter Skelter’ and ‘Oh Darlin’ by Lennon and McCartney, and ‘All Right Now’ by the band Free. Taking lead vocals for the final song of the afternoon was Dizzy Reed with his moving rendition of Dylan’s classic ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’.

After the performance had ended the band invited us to have photos and autographs taken. This was the icing on the cake, getting to meet the band members individually and have any items signed by them in a relaxed and casual setting. The band stayed at the signing table until every last guest had a chance to meet them and have their photos taken. Just fabulous!

How great that they could take time out from their hectic schedule touring with Kiss to stage an intimate gathering for devout fans.

It was a performance I will never forget!

Thanks again to Fraser’s and the other sponsors, and the Dead Daisies themselves, for making this special event possible.

Vlad Pocuca

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