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Richard Clapton - Lonesome Voyager

Richard Clapton - Lonesome Voyager

Anita’s Theatre, Thirroul

Saturday 12th September 2015

In similar fashion to the recent annual State Theatre performance, the Lonesome Voyager is a semi-acoustic, two man performance. Tonight’s gig at Anita’s Theatre, a splendid heritage building on the south coast of NSW, was refreshing and intimate. One felt that Richard and Danny had arrived and set up in the lounge room, well, especially if you had front row seats as we did!

I can’t say I remember the set list in order; such was the atmosphere of the evening that the enjoyment and participation melded the songs into one friendly, musical encounter. Richard seemed animated and at ease in the company of friends. He related his very much earlier experiences playing in Corrimal at the beginning of his career which met with great approval from the audience.

We were very pleasantly surprised by the way in which songs which previously had not been played in this semi-acoustic way lent themselves beautifully; Glory Road, The Universal and Girls to name a few.

Danny was masterful on guitar; I remember his first performance with Richard many years ago, he assures me he was old enough to actually be in the club although his bandana and baby face belied his words. He skilfully led the music and at times I forgot this was a semi-acoustic performance.

Richard took time for a meet and greet with fans after the show which as always was very much appreciated. I highly recommend this concert to everyone; it is a unique and very enjoyable performance adding another incredible dimension to this already fascinating performer.

Karen Lovett-Hawks

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