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The Angels

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Having just celebrated 40 years of rock, The Angels are embarking on a new tour which commences with 2 shows at the Bridge Hotel Rozelle on Fri 6 Feb & Sat 7 Feb 2015.

If you haven’t seen The Angels with Dave Gleeson out front then you are in for a real treat. Dave is the consummate showman and his addition to the band has been well received by everyone that attends the Angels shows.

The last 2 studio Angels albums, Talk the Talk & Take it to the Streets were recorded with Dave Gleeson on lead vocals and both are exceptional albums.

With Sam Brewster on bass and Nick Norton on drums the band sounds great, they rock hard & are still enjoying playing great live Australian music.

The 2 Bridge shows will open the A to Z concept with a 26 song show.

No support act and 2 sets of 13 songs will make for a long night out & great value for money.

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